Living in Luxury Apartments in Zirakpur Close to Chandigarh City

One of the favorite destination for many people travelling to northern India is Chandigarh. Chandigarh offers a luxury living with its premium residential properties, educational institutions and IT companies which many persons aspire for. A better lifestyle is also making more and more persons move towards chandigarh and surrounding areas.

The emerging trend in the tricity suburbs are luxury flats and penthouses. The demand for luxury 3 bhk apartments in zirakpur is also gaining momentum. Many persons are selling the high priced real estate in chandigarh area and buying a luxury flat in the emerging areas like zirakpur and Mohali. Many new real estate developers in zirakpur area are also developing projects alongwith many reputed builders.


For many people buying a luxury apartment is in sync with getting a new identity. These luxury apartments are gaining popularity in cities close to chandigarh like zirakpur, panchkula, Mohali and new chandigarh. Due to many people coming for job in chandigarh area, the city and the surrounding cities are experiencing tremendous growth. This can be seen by the lavish lifestyle in the chandigarh area. Most persons prefer to live away from the commotion and bustle of the city and reside amidst a natural surroundings to gain real essence of both serene natural experience and luxurious living.

In the real estate market, zirakpur is also one of the handpicked location where formidable luxury real estate projects are happening. Zirakpur is one of the prime locations for real estate development with many residential projects offering spectacular landscapes, good amenities and abundant greenery.


Some of the luxurious residential projects in zirakpur offers many amenities such as Italian marble in every room, sliding aluminum modular windows, granite in kitchens and theme parks within the complex. These luxury apartments offers spacious living in 3 bhk, 4bhk and 5 bhk apartments with large sized rooms for a family to enjoy the bliss of space within the home.

The luxurious flats in zirakpur offers absolute combination of luxurious villas and apartment configuration. Many premium projects are built by various developers in the past and many new luxurious apartments are coming in the zirakpur and Mohali cities. These new apartments as well as the old ones offers modern lifestyle and exclusive designs in to satisfy the rising demand of amenities from luxury segment. The other much sought after amenities include, security system with intercom, gym and fitness clubs and emergency medical services. There are other factors which enhance the quality and luxurious living like security services, green cover, sense of peace, serene views if you are living in the penthouse.


Other prestigious amenities which are covered in a luxurious apartments are that every apartment strives to maximize the area of each apartment to delight every home owner. The location of these luxurious flats is also strategically placed at NH 22 Delhi Chandigarh Express Highway in zirakpur where most luxurious flats are coming.

These are just a few points in the various list to show that zirakpur is worth the city to invest into if you are looking to invest in a dream home close to chandigarh yet provides amenities far greater than the planned city.



How to ensure clean and Healthier Air Inside your House

Most of us spend a lot of time inside the home, so a clean indoor environment should be given utmost importance to. To ensure that you don’t get any respiratory complications the air your breathe inside your home should be clean, fresh and devoid of any impurities which may affect your health. One way you can have good supply of fresh air inside your home is by having an effective ventilation system. With adequate ventilation, condensation will not take place which is a major reason for dampness in walls. Dampness not only causes foul air but also impacts your house structure and longevity of your home.


Proper ventilation helps get rid of stale indoor air which causes musty smell and dampness. It also ensures that your home has adequate amount of fresh air and no dampness occurs in the walls. You can use natural energy saving methods in your flat to ensure natural ventilation inside your house. Natural ventilation is termed as having windows and door at best position available to ensure passage for natural air inside to outside your home.

Other method known as mechanical ventilation that is the use of exhaust fans inside the bathroom and kitchen to remove moist air and with natural air flow replacing that air from outside. You can also install exhaust fans on specific locations in your house which are prone to dampness or are not having proper supply of fresh air. You can also install a duct system which removes stale air from the entire house and brings fresh filtered air inside the house.


In case of winters you can use a heat recovery ventilator system which heats up the incoming fresh cold air and also kills any bacteria incoming with the air. It is especially useful to keep your home warm in harsh winters and removing harmful bacteria, effectively removing any chances of making you and your family members ill.

You can also inspect the flat before buying and put your money on a flat which offers natural ventilation. Most luxury zirakpur flats for sale today follow green construction methods to ensure maximum use of natural resources such as natural lighting through sunlight and fresh indoor air by having large windows and doors. The design of the building is as such that it doesn’t obstruct the air flow from one tower to another which is essential for clean natural air flow inside your house.

Are luxurious flats and penthouses nature friendly


These days many builders are moving towards green development methods by using advanced water conservation technology, using insulation materials in walls and doors to conserve energy expenditure and using solar panels on roof to generate clean green energy. Using “green” label is a methodology most companies are following in the modern time. Using less harmful processes and methods for construction is quickly becoming a norm for most developers today who are converting to green building process than using traditional non Eco-friendly counterparts.


Most people may not realize that luxury penthouses and budget friendly 2 bhk flats both offers an ecofriendly and green living options. The first benefit you get from these flats is benefit of population density. In a penthouse of a flat a shared wall is used whereas in an independent house unshared or double walls are used.  We all have seen that when a utility is shared, it results in more efficient use of resources like use of public transportation over a car. As in the case of shared wall, the material used to construct a single wall is much less than using it to construct two walls. We can save as much as half the construction material such as bricks, concrete and wood which means less depletion of natural resources and more ecofriendly buildings.



In a residential complex, major utilities are centralized like using central place for hot water heating with eco-friendly methods like solar energy. Using centralized solar energy water heating system saves a lot of electricity which would otherwise be wasted in small water heaters. Benefit of using central air-conditioning and heating methods also results in saving a lot of energy expenses and it also provide efficient cooling and heating solution.

We can maximize the efficiency of these basic necessities used by every flat owner by combining these functions and creating a centralized unit for these utilities thus saving energy and providing an eco friendly green building environment.

Other feature of these nature friendly flats and penthouses is that by designing planned spaces and using common shared stairs a lot of much needed green cover is saved which can be used to develop a park within the residential complex. Flats and luxury penthouses also have a much smaller footprint when we compare them to individual houses built on a same piece of land. The same space can be used to house a greater number of families than a single family on the same piece of land. The more space we save, the more we can use it to create natural environment like community garden and water showers to provide fresh air and scenic environment to the residents.


Developers are also using cutting edge technologies and increasingly pushing towards technological advancements to include environment friendly construction process. The young generation and urban youth are also forcing developers to push towards green residential construction process as many on them prefer to live in a green building.

Many young professional today are aware of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification which is a certificate issued to residential complex using green building initiatives. This certification also encourages residential developers to incorporate use of renewal energy sources in a residential complex, like use of solar panels for electricity generation, using central place for heating hot water with solar energy, treatment of waste water and re using it for watering the gardens. Re-using water not only saves the environment but also helps replenish our underground water sources which are being used at a much higher rate than it is being replenished.

Features of Green Residential Project Greenlotusavenue in Zirakpur

One of the leading projects in residential category is Greenlotusavenue in Tricity, Zirakpur. Extravagantly designed residences offer classy, homely and comfortable living around the tricity radius. Constructed as a picture perfect home, these apartments are exclusively being offered with various options. The option to chose your dream home from 1 BHK apartment, 2 bhk apartments, 3 bhk, 3+1 bhk, 4 and 5 bhk penthouses and luxurious flats in zirakpur. These apartments are being built with full focus on customer needs and various


One such focus is on using modern technology for construction which also incorporates green building technology with advance technical inputs to increase efficiency, removing wastage of construction material and providing advanced design tech to provide natural air flow between building towers. All project features are thoughtfully planned which can be seen through flat interiors and exteriors. Strategic construction results in state of the art architecture with huge open spaces, natural air flow, superb management system, wide green parks and heartwarming mesmerizing views.


One can keep admiring the state of the art amenities, thoughtfully planned with focus on connectivity to educational institutions, medical healthcare facilities and spacious malls to satisfy your shopping needs.


The interiors of these flats in zirakpur chandigarh flats also boasts of high quality construction with modular kitchen designs to please your eyes while cooking for your loved ones. There is uninterrupted water supply to every household to make sure you never have to go through shortage of water supply for daily needs. Each tower offer high quality service elevators, one of the best in its category. Each block also contains an extra service elevator which is much needed in case of emergency. Security and power backup, the basic necessity of any society are given utmost preference. For emergency medical needs you also get 24 hours ambulance facilities which is exclusive to only society residents. For working moms a day care facility has also been provided to provide a sense of safety to working couples as they are satisfied that their kids are in right hands.

Laminated wooden flooring is standard in each bedroom and high quality Acrylic emulsion paints offers soothing views whenever you enter your home, making your home feel like nothing less than a dream home.